Are your multivitamins doing more harm than good?

E330, E470b, E570, E551, E460, E951, E321

Quite a lot of e-numbers for a single product, don’t you think? As of today, these are all ingredients in a leading children’s multivitamin. Check it out yourself – find Centrum Kids on amazon.

E-numbers are additives – acidity regulators, emulsifiers, anticaking agents, bulking agents, sweeteners, preservatives.  These all make for a very attractive looking pill but are they what you really want from a multivitamin?

An NHS study published in 2016 found links between common food additives and bowel cancer. Other studies have linked e numbers to hyperactivity. Is it necessary to put any additives into a product you take entirely for health benefits?

Guess how many additives are in our new multivitamins? Yep, none.  Our multivitamins are not compressed and bound with magnesium stearate – the dose is split over two vegetable capsules. No nasty chemicals, just lots of essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy lifestyle.

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