Coronavirus – look after your health

You can be forgiven if you are feeling a little nervous about coronavirus. It has become widespread, causing markets to plummet, has a strong foothold in Europe and has grown rapidly throughout Italy. It seems incredible that there have been so few cases in the UK and many feel it’s only a matter of time before transmission is reported here.

So, should we be concerned? The risk of the virus itself is not currently huge – while it appears to be transmitted fairly easily, fatality rates are somewhere between 1% and 4%. We are still unsure about how the virus is spread and so the NHS offers the simple advice of washing hands regularly and avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth (find the full advice here).

A significant concern here is not the virus itself but the extra pressure this puts on the healthcare system. After a decade of austerity many hospitals are struggling to cope and so the spread of Coronavirus could not come at a more critical time. 

Taking care of your health could not be more important. Think about your diet and ensure you are getting enough of the vital nutrients. Vitamin D helps your body maintain bones, teeth and muscles and Vitamin C is essential for the normal function of the immune system, ensuring that your body is ready to defend itself. Make sure you get plenty of rest and try to exercise every now and then.

Look after yourself for the next few weeks and spring will come along, bringing with it warmer weather and, with a bit of luck, some respite from winter illnesses.

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