How can multivitamins support a healthy immune system?

With the news filled with the coronavirus and that it has now officially been declared a pandemic, what can we do to help support our natural immune systems? It is absolutely essential to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, where the human body can synthesise and maintain healthy levels of nutrients to combat illness.

Whilst many of us do our best to eat a healthy and balanced diet, it is not always possible to do so in our hectic and busy lives. One way of counteracting a low immune system and successfully supporting the natural functions of the human body is to take dietary nutritional supplements such as Axiom Nutrition’s multi vitamins or vitamin D3. These contain high doses of the most important minerals and vitamins needed for the body to maintain vital functions and to support an immune system that will help fend off minor illnesses such as cold and flu.

Vitamin C in high doses Is well established to be effective in inhibiting viral function and increasing interferon production within the body, which helps to prevent or shorten illness. There is no upper limit to the level of vitamin C that you can ingest, with the only real downside being loose bowels at extreme doses. Currently, doctors in China are giving intravenous vitamin C at doses of 1 gram per hour, with positive outcomes being achieved in patients suffering from the coronavirus. Our multi vitamins contain a high dose of vitamin C, along with 26 other essential vitamins and minerals, which are carefully designed to support a healthy immune system, bone health, respiratory and cardiovascular normal functions.  

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