Let the facts about plant based diets speak for themsleves

We recently posted a blog about the benefits of a plant-based diet – you can read here

Veganism has hit the news in many ways recently – a landmark ruling has declared that ethical veganism is a belief which entitles those practicing to rights similar to religions. 

Last week on This Morning, a frustrating veganism debate took place, which has caused a stir on social media. You can find an article in the metro here.

Vegan Joey Armstrong has not been received well despite clearly being better informed and, let’s be honest, taking undoubtedly the more ethical viewpoint. Clearly losing his temper he jumps in while Rachel Carrie is still talking.

It is quite clear that Rachel had very little idea what she was talking about and in actual fact was just there as somebody the programme had found to provide an opposing argument. In contrast, Joey was quoting facts and statistics. For example, he was explaining why farming only plants could reduce farmland by 75% – and cited the source of his information being Oxford University’s Joseph Poore. Rachel then responds by providing anecdotal ‘evidence’ of a farm which she says has found that livestock farming has increased biodiversity. You can observe the frustration in Joey’s face. Any input provided by Rachel is either opinion, untrue or complete nonsense. 

Unfortunately for Joey, the public did not like his performance and there is a lesson to be learned here. When you are convinced about your viewpoint – and he is right to be – you must still respect other people’s. You will not change anybody’s opinion with aggression.

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