Look for the positives

“The new normal” is an expression which has been thrown around a lot since lockdown began. The three words carefully combine a feeling of continuity with a suggestion that the world as we knew it is gone forever. With the prime minister’s announcement that the high street is due to open in a couple of weeks (yes, there were some announcements mixed in with all the questions about that important eye-testing trip to a castle) it seems as though the new normal may well end up being much like the old normal – which will come as a relief to many.

“Unprecedented” is another word currently in fashion – and unprecedented this certainly has been. With schools closed, services disrupted, millions of people furloughed or out of work entirely and many people having become gravely ill or lost loved ones this pandemic has been unquestionably tragic.

It’s not all bad though. While the world may return, in many ways, to its former self the disruption to the usual routine has offered us an opportunity to reassess what is important to us. Families and friends across the nation have been more connected by the use of conferencing apps, parks have seen a huge increase in the number of people exercising daily and many parents have had an opportunity to spend some real time with their children with the pressures of the working commute removed temporarily. 

Of course, everybody’s experience has been different but try to look for the positives and keep up the good work.

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