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Axiom nutrition multivitamins and minerals

Axiom Nutrition Vitamin D3 4000IU

We have listened to our customers and used their advice to develop some truly remarkable products. We have stripped away all of the nasty bits like magnesium stearate which is used to bind many pills and instead used capsules made of vegetable cellulose which dissolves when swallowed. We have adjusted some of our key contents to ensure only the finest versions of each vitamin and mineral is used. We have also ensured that the dose of those vital ingredients is as high as possible. Further to the good we are doing for our customers, we are taking the environment seriously.

Every capsule goes through several quality checks throughout each stage of production before ultimately being checked by the human eye. Capsules are randomly selected and assessed for composition, weight and micro/heavy metal analysis. Produced in an ISO Class 8 Pharmaceutical cleanroom, we can be sure our capsules are produced in the most hygienic of conditions. Approved by the GMP, HFMA, and AIB international, our products are produced to the highest of standards.

We believe in minimising the impact our products have on the environment and helping to protect our surroundings for future generations. When taking our supplements we want our customers not only to feel good inside and out but know that they are doing their bit to protect the natural world. Our bottles are made from PET and our lids are made from aluminium, both of which are 100% recyclable.

The electricity used to produce and package our products is 100% renewable, helping to reduce the release of carbon into the atmosphere to the lowest level possible by using wind and sun energy. The supplier is the only company recognised by the vegan society. Our capsules are produced in affiliation with the soil association, an organisation which helps to ensure that farming is sustainable.