Staying healthy this winter

Axiom Nutrition multivitamins come with a huge range of benefits to help improve your overall health and wellness this winter.

We’ve worked with our lab to produce a superior product, using only the best ingredients which provide you with optimum doses of some of the most important vitamins and minerals that your body needs to sustain its overall healthy state.

Our body needs 13 of these vitamins in varying quantities to remain healthy, including vitamins A, the eight B vitamins, along with C, D, E, K. With the exception of vitamins D and B3 (Niacin), our bodies are unable to create these nutrients, meaning that we need to get them directly from our food.

Taking multivitamins helps to supplement the nutrients that we sometimes struggle to get from our daily diets and provides a healthy reassurance that we are maintaining our overall good health.

Our body synthesises vitamins in different ways, and some vitamins and minerals come in forms that are far more bio-available (Readily absorbed by the body) than others. That’s why our superior multivitamins contain only the best available ingredients which your body can easily absorb. Unlike the vast majority of high street and online offerings, our products contain Citrate forms of minerals and not the oxide forms. This means that instead of passing out the minerals in your urine, the body can instead use the mineral content in the way it does so naturally and in fact, absorbtion of citrate forms of minerals is significantly higher than their oxide forms.

We use calcium ascorbate for our Vitamin C, which again is far kinder, less acidic and easier to absorb than Ascorbic Acid which is found in many inferior products.

We do not use Niacin for our Vitamin B3 as it has beens known to produce flushing of the skin and redness. Instead, we use Nicotinamide.

Our product contains the maximum for many of 27 vitamins and minerals contained within, spread over two capsules. The benefit of our dosage being split, means that the capsule sizes are smaller than the normally large single tablet that our competitors produce. Having the contents contained within a capsule allows greater absorption than is possible with tablets. Also, our products don’t use any nasty fillers, binding agents or anti-caking agents, which means that you don’t ingest those horrible E Numbers that we need to avoid.

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