Why do we call our multivitamins superior?

At Axiom Nutrition we do not use the word superior lightly. Our multivitamins really are exceptional in a number of ways.


Axiom Nutrition multivitamins are loaded with 27 vitamins and minerals essential for the normal function of a variety of systems in the body. Our NRV values include 188% Vitamin A, 100% Vitamin C, 400% Vitamin D3, 122% Iron and an amazing vitamin B complex which contains 550% Vitamin B5 and 120% Vitamin B12. Further still, our daily dose is spread over two capsules so that the water soluble vitamins such as C are spread throughout the day and not immediately flushed from the system.


We take pride in the quality of our products. We use only the best versions of each ingredient such as Nicotinamide for Vitamin B3 and calcium ascorbate for Vitamin C. We never use any colourings, flavourings, fillers or binders which you will find in many brands and the capsule is made of vegetable cellulose. We really do provide the best possible supplement


The environment is important to us at Axiom Nutrition. Our product is manufactured using 100% green energy – that’s right, no carbon is produced to supply energy for the production process. Manufactured in affiliation with the soil association and in entirely recyclable packaging.

Careful consideration has gone into every step of the production of our multivitamins and so we proudly call them superior.

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